Developer Cafe


This was the 3rd Edition of Developer Café Series .


  • This edition we have a new speakers with new topics and not limited for developers .


  • Speakers :


  • " Cloud Computing "  Eng / Mahmoud Salah senior Network Security At Raya integration .


  • " GIT and GITHUB "  Eng / Mohamed Abdallah Freelancer PHP developer and Leader MUFIX development Team.


  • "How To Be CISCO NetRiders "  Eng / Ahmed Abd Elmajeed graduated from Faculty of computers and information and won 8th place in the CISCO Networking Academy 2016 NetRiders CCNA Skills competitions for Turkey,middle East and Africa.


  • " Motion Graphic " Eng / Ahmed Hamed trainer in ITI and worked as Motion Graphics Designer At NileSat.


  • " Welcome To Scala "  Eng / Eslam Elkhafagy Freelancer Java Developer and MUFIX Development Team Member.

MCD 2017


  • Time to say goodbye and see you next year ;)


  • In this event we tried to provide new speakers and new and helpful talks.


  • Talks :


  • 1-  Eng / Mohammed elshafie  he talked about how the people affects on us directly or indirectly , and their effects positive or negative.


2- Eng / Moataz Yasser  he talked about career coaching.


3- dr / osama abdelraouf talk


4- leader Mufix Community talk  Eng / Mahmoud Elbeltagy


5- honoring our trainees on summer trainings.


6- Eltorta and having Fun .

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