Developer Cafe 2

It was the second edition of Developer Café .


Developer Café is a continuous series of events organized by MUFIX.


In developer Café we try to make students in touch with the latest Technologies.


In every Edition we try to bring the best speakers in a new specific field to help the students in this fields.


Talks :

    1. Cartoon & Motion Graphics

    2. Web Design

   3. Web Development

   4. Graphics

   5. Game Development


Event Link:

MCD 2016(Driving Innovation)


  • Now, it's the time to say "Good Bye and See You Next Year” :)

MUFIX Closing Event For The Academic Year 2015-2016 is the latest

Event for this academic year,, we share with you what MUFIX has

presented over this year through a Closing Party full of surprises and

indeed useful Knowledge.

  • We honoring the Students who trained in our summer Training .

  • Sessions for Entrepreneurship.

  • Having Fun.

  • Event URL :


SFD 2016


 SFD is worldwide celebration of free and open source software (FOSS).


  • MUFIX hosts this event for the 7th time.


  • Our goal in SFD is to educate students about the benefits of using high quality FOSS in education , work and at home.


  • Audience more than 500 .


  • we provided many topics as well as we can.


  • OUR Speakers


  • Dr / osama Abdelraof was one of our speaker (Welcome Talk) .he is a professor in faculty of computers and information and he is the God father of our community .


  • Eng / Mahmoud  Elbeltagy Leader MUFIX Community talked about SFD.


  • Eng / Mohamed Meshref was one of our speakers who worked to many international companies like amazon and Microsoft.

He talked about open source and closed source.

also talked about career options .


  • Eng / ebrahim rashwan software Developer at opentus.


  • Eng / Samir elshoni ERP consultant talked about ERP opensource.


  • Eng / Islam elhossary data scientist in MC analytics and one of the founders of MUFIX Community .


  • He talked about data science and A day in a data scientist life.


  • Eng / Mustafa raslan founder of openness Egypt company and an instructor in advanced academy.


  • Eng / Ahmed Gaber UNIX Systems engineer , FOSS activist , EMBEDDED Systems enthusiast and a GURU of the art of UNIX programming.


  • We provided prizes for the clever students who answered some questions about FOSS.


Broadband Technology


Broadband technology event talked about many topics .


  • What is RFID, IOT , WIFI Planning ,LINKPlanner software , Systel training Center and finally broadband PTP&PMP planning ?


  • Speakers :


  • Eng / Ayman Ahmed senior projects and products.


  • Eng / Amr safwat senior wireless Systems Engineer.


  • Eng / Hamed El-Hennawy Systel Training center director .


  • Partners : ALFA TECH & SYSTEL Telecom